FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search the database?

View the user guide for detailed information on how to conduct searches of the database.

The MeSH browser does not load?

The MeSH browser does not work with Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are recommended.

Why are my search results not showing me the right records?

For searches involving multiple terms, use quotation marks. For example, vitamin D will produce results for Vitamin AND D. Instead, search for “Vitamin D” to find the correct results.

What is the product type “Full HTA”, “Rapid Review” and “Mini HTA” mean?

These product types refer to the scope of research and evidence that is included in an HTA. These were developed by the INAHTA Quality Assurance Group, and more information can be found here: http://www.inahta.org/hta-tools-resources/ipt-marks/

What is included in a search for “All” in the drop-down menu on the search bar?

A search for “All” means that all fields will be searched: Title, MeSH, Author, Language, Keywords, Abstracts, Status, Record ID, Country, Source.

What does “Record ID” stand for?

The Record ID is the unique identifier number associated with each individual record on the database. The number is 11 digits and is located on the top of each record.

What does “Source” field mean?

This is the HTA agency or organization that produced the HTA.

Can I search in a language other than English?

Yes, the database can search exact matches of text, regardless of the language. Accents or special characters must exactly match the keywords or other information contained in the records for a match to be made. The preferred language of the database records is English, and the addition of non-English keywords or other information is at the discretion of the contributing agency. At present, there are a limited number of non-English keywords or other information included in the database.

Do you have a question to ask? Please contact the database administrator at the INAHTA secretariat, email: HTAdatabase@ihe.ca