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Authors' recommendations: Home blood pressure monitoring, as referred to in this assessment, is performed by patients themselves using automated devices at home. Office blood pressure monitoring refers to the conventional way of managing treatment by measuring blood pressure in a clinical setting. In people with hypertension, home blood pressure monitoring is equally effective as office monitoring to guide antihypertensive medications. Patients take prescribed medications to the same extent, and reductions in blood pressure are similar.Home blood pressure appears to be at least as accurate as office blood pressure in predicting risks of mortality and cardiovascular disease. However, home blood pressure monitoring is not shown to be better or worse than office monitoring in guiding treatment to reduce the risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease.Home blood pressure monitoring can save costs in health care since it lowers the number of clinic visits compared to conventional treatment of hypertension. The cost or cost-effectiveness of the method cannot be accurately analyzed due to a lack of knowledge on the long-term use of the method.Home blood pressure monitoring could have both advantages and disadvantages for the patient. Although the method can be more convenient, this must be weighed against the greater responsibility placed on the patient, which could induce anxiety or lead to other problems. Scientific evidence on these issues is, however, lacking. The use of home blood pressure monitoring should be preceded by an individual assessment of motivation and appropriateness.
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