VenUS IV (Venous leg Ulcer Study IV) - compression hosiery compared with compression bandaging in the treatment of venous leg ulcers: a randomised controlled trial, mixed-treatment comparison and decision-analytic model

Ashby R, Gabe R, Ali S, Saramago P, Chuang L, Adderley U, Bland M, Cullum N, Dumville J, Iglesias Urrutia C, Kang'ombe A, Soares M, Stubbs N, Torgerson DJ
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Authors' objectives: Part I - To compare the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of HH and 4LB in terms of time to complete healing of venous leg ulcers. Part II - To synthesise the relative effectiveness evidence (for ulcer healing) of high-compression treatments for venous leg ulcers using a mixed-treatment comparison (MTC). Part III - To construct a decision-analytic model to assess the cost-effectiveness of high-compression treatments for venous leg ulcers.
Authors' recommendations: Trial data from VenUS IV found no evidence of a difference in venous ulcer healing between HH and the 4LB. HH may reduce ulcer recurrence rates compared with the 4LB and be a cost-effective treatment. When all available high-compression treatments were considered, the 2LB had the highest probability of being clinically effective and cost-effective. However, the underpinning evidence was sparse and more research is needed. Further research should thus focus on establishing, in a high-quality trial, the effectiveness of this compression system in particular.
Project Status: Completed
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Year Published: 2014
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Country: England, United Kingdom
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