Women and secure psychiatric services: a literature review

Lart R, Payne S, Beaumont B, MacDonald G, Mistry T
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Authors' objectives:

The objectives of this review are:

to describe systematically models for the delivery of secure psychiatric services to women, in the UK and abroad.

to identify problems associated with existing models.

to identify alternative service models proposed.

to examine the evidence for effectiveness and efficiency of different service delivery models.

to identify gaps in existing knowledge about the effects of different service models.

to recommend key areas for future research.

Authors' recommendations: Issues for policymakers: 1. Need to consider appropriate size of unit vs geographical distance from home community, and segregation vs integration of sexes. 2. The development of a focus on needs as well as on diagnoses/MHA categories, and reconsider conceptualisation of 'security': a shift towards relational security would enable more individualised levels of security to develop in response to women's needs. 3. The need to ensure that NHS purchasing structures do not create perverse incentives toward particular forms of care or prevent resettlement in a woman's area of choice, if this is not her home community. 4. How to ensure community based provision to prevent readmission. 5. The response to the recommendation from the national surveys of prisoners that a therapeutic community facility for women be developed within the prison system. 6. The need to facilitate the involvement of women patients as stakeholders in the planning of their care and treatment. This is important not only in relation to empowerment, but also for therapeutic reasons.
Authors' methods: Systematic review
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 1999
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Country: England
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  • Commitment of Mentally Ill
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Mental Health Services
  • Prisoners
  • Women
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