[Laser excimer in ophthalmology]

Andonegui J, Ferro J
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Original Title: Láser Excimer en oftalmología
Authors' objectives: To analyse the effectiveness of the excimer laser for the correction of refraction errors and recommend the effective indications.
Authors' results and conclusions: The results appear to be good for weak myopia (less than 6 diopters), reducing to emmetropia by +/- 1 dioptar, but they are not consistent for major corrections. The studies for cases of hyperopia and astigmatism are still in the experimental phase. There is no significant data to clearly support the claim that all patients no longer need to use glasses or contact lenses after laser excimer. There is also significant evidence of side-effects: corneal opacity, halos, hypo or hyper-corrections, etc.
Authors' recommendations: In all of the current surgical methods for the treatment of myopia, including laser excimer, both the prediction capacity and the level of stability and safety are clearly inferior to that offered by the use of glasses and contact lenses. Its refractive indication is not a medical necessity. Its generalized use does not appear to be recommendable especially for myopia with more than six diopters. With regard to photo therapeutic proposals, there is the possibility of treating certain pathologies with a lower iatrogeny than current alternatives. Recommendation:It is advisable to be prudent concerning information relayed to the public about a process which is still in the experimental stage, the long term benefits of which are still to be demonstrated.
Authors' methods: Detailed research of the relevant scientific bibliography from the Medline database from the period between January 1986 and April 1994 and reports carried out by other Technology Assessment Agencies. Summary of the information from the literature consulted. With regard to the photorefractive proposals only those articles relating to cases of patients with aat least one year of clearly specified development have been chosen. In the case of phototherapeutic proposals only information which has appeared in prestigious ophtalmological publications concerning pathologies which are currently being treated with laser excimer has been selected. Peer review by external consultants, expert ophtalmologists in this subject.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 1995
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
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Country: Spain
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