Oral implantology. Current state of knowledge

Bory E, Durieux P
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Authors' objectives:

To review the current state of the art of oral implantology at the request of French National Health Insurance and the French Ministry of Health.

Authors' results and conclusions: Implants are designed to create lasting supports for removable and fixed prostheses. There are four categories of implants. Intraosseous (osteointegrated) implants, made of titanium or titanium alloys, are the most extensively documented and most widely used. Ceramic implants are also available. The efficacy of implants is difficult to evaluate. The success rates, generally not based on rigorous statistical analysis, do not appear to reflect clinical reality. Although treatment of complete mandibular edentation by means of certain osteointegrated implants has demonstrated its long-term efficacy, the treatment of partial and single tooth loss, a more recent application, requires a longer follow-up. Osteointegrated implants are indicated for the treatment of complete mandibular or maxillary edentation when the alveolar crests are severely resorbed, following failure of conventional prostheses, when the patient has uncontrolled muscular movements or irresistible nauseous reflexes or for psychological reasons. Treatment of partial edentation can be considered when strategic teeth are missing. Contraindictions limiting the field of application of oral implantology were established by the group of experts.
Authors' recommendations: Studies of safety and efficacy of oral implantology are essential. A minimum follow-up of ten years is necessary. The creation of a data bank and clinical trial registry would be a useful initiative. The insertion of implants is far from being a minor surgical procedure, but contitutes a medical intervention which is not devoid of risks. University and clinical training courses should be developed for practitioners who wish to use this technology.
Authors' methods: Review
Project Status: Completed
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Year Published: 1993
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Country: France
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