[Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of injuries after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer - a health technology assessment]

Forner L, Lee A, Kruse M, Jansen EC, Sørensen J
Record ID 32007000281
Original Title: Trykkammerbehandling for patienter med stråleskader efter hoved-halskræft – en medicinsk teknologivurdering
Authors' recommendations: Based on the conclusions of the report, the following advice to the audience may be given: As the analyses in the present report suggest that there is a clinical effect of HBO therapy of ORN, it is important to support the completion of the ongoing randomized trial initiated concurrently with this HTA. HBO treatment in Denmark should continuously be offered to ORN patients, until at least two randomized studies have concluded that HBO treatment has no favourable outcome. At present, there are no alternatives to HBO treatment. Referring authorities and other relevant agencies should be informed about the fact that, at the present moment, there is no documentation of a cancer promoting effect of HBO treatment. The principles for referral to HBO therapy for ORN patients should be compiled in interdisciplinary clinical guidelines with a view to standardising treatment of ORN on a national basis. Information on this treatment modality should be provided to relevant patient and professional forums with a view to increasing the visibility of HBO treatment. Information to ORN patients on HBO treatment should be provided to ORN patients prior to and during the course of treatment with view to ensuring patient confidence and acceptance of HBO treatment.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2012
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
Publication Type: Not Assigned
Country: Denmark
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  • Hyperbaric Oxygenation
  • Head and Neck Neoplasms
  • Mouth Diseases
  • Radiation Injuries
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