[Coherent monitoring and follow-up of pregnant women with a heart disease - a Health Technology Assessment]

Sondergaard L, Johansen M, Norrelund A, Palm P, Hedegaard M, Kolbye A, Dano A M, Poulsen P B
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Authors' objectives:

In order to provide Danish decision-makers with essential information on the consequences of an appropriate distribution of assignments and coordination between sectors and personnel concerning offers to pregnant women with a heart disease, the purpose of this project is to carry out a Health Technology Assessment of "The centre for pregnant women with a heart disease" at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark. The activity at the centre will be compared with the up till now divided activity and effort towards the target group in between sectors. The health technology assessment will focus on the consequences for the woman and the foetus, consequences for the organisation and the personnel, as well as the economic consequences of centre and its activity.

Authors' recommendations: Initially it should be concluded that pregnant women with a heart disease both before and after the establishment of The Centre for pregnant women with a heart disease has received good and safe monitoring and follow-up. After the establishment of the centre this monitoring and followup have, however, been much more co-ordinated than previously. This co-ordination of the patient flows do also in the future make it possible to provide good patient flows for pregnant women with a heart disease. The present health technology assessment have ; based on the conclusions made above ; shown that it has been succeeded fulfil the purpose with the centre. With the centre a organisational constellation, which ensure that the pregnant women with heart disease gets the interdisciplinary monitoring and follow-up that is the prerequisite to obtain an optimal monitoring and follow-up of the mother and the child in a safely and coordinated patient flow. The fact that the centre is based on changes in the organisation and the way of co-operating, illustrates how it has been possible within existing budgets to increase the quality of the treatment compared with before the establishment of the centre. The centre is a good example of, how it is possible with the existing conditions and budgets to organise an improved co-operation and planning of patient flows without following old traditions and routines ; this is both the case for the work with pregnant women with a heart disease as well as for other specialty areas in the health care sector.
Authors' methods: Review
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2006
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Country: Denmark
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  • Maternal Welfare
  • Monitoring, Physiologic
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  • Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Trimester, Third
  • Heart Diseases
  • Pregnancy Complications, Cardiovascular
  • Puerperal Disorders
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