[Early detection of breast cancer in the Basque Country]

Asua, J, Rico R, Guitierrez M
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Original Title: Detección precoz del cáncer de mama en el País Vasco
Authors' objectives: The Health Department of the Basque Government considers as one of its priorities the need to carry out an in depth assessment of this pathology and the suitability of setting up of a Breast Cancer Screening Program on a population basis.
Authors' results and conclusions: This section includes the recommendations on scientific, technical and administrative aspects considered to be the most effective with regard to the available human and physical resources and also the report on the necessary level of financing. The proposal is that it should serve as support in decision making.
Authors' recomendations: The panel recommends carrying out a Programme for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer aimed at women in the 50-64 age group (182,176 women), by way of two mammography views (craniocaudal and mediolateral oblique) every two years. Administrative, authorization and quality control criteria are established. The cost of the programme is budgeted at 457 million pesetas. With a participation level of 80% it is predicted that 416 tumours will be detected anually.
Authors' methods: Bibliographical research in Medline and Health Plan, after which and exhaustive study has been carried out of the assessment, research and experience gathered abroad, the consensus of opinions on controversial matters (targeted age group, mammography views, participation levels, frequency, etc.) and efficiency and effectivity criteria have been adopted, on the basis of scientific evidence, for our present situation and environment. In order to promote broad-based dialogue a panel of experts has been appointed from among specialists in the various relevant areas. Furthermore a cost-effectiveness analysis has been carried out.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 1994
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
Publication Type: Not Assigned
Country: Spain
MeSH Terms
  • Breast Neoplasms
  • Mammography
  • Mass Screening
Organisation Name: Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment
Contact Address: C/ Donostia – San Sebastián, 1 (Edificio Lakua II, 4ª planta) 01010 Vitoria - Gasteiz
Contact Name: Lorea Galnares-Cordero
Contact Email: lgalnares@bioef.org

Osteba (Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment) Health Department of the Basque Government

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