Assessment of the results of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation and the French bone marrow donor registry

Dosquet P, Durieux P
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Authors' objectives:

Firstly, in patients with chronic myeloid, acute lymphoblastic or myeloblastic leukemia, or aplastic anemia: 1) to compare the results of HLA-identical sibling donor Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) to those obtained with alternative therapies (chemotherapy, autologous BMT, others), 2) to compare the results HLA-identical sibling donor BMT with those of HLA-identical unrelated donor BMT or with partially matched family donor BMT. This study was conducted at the request of French National Health Insurance. Secondly, to assess the performance of the French Bone Marrow Donor Registry and to define its most appropriate size.

Authors' results and conclusions: 1 - The best survival is observed with HLA-identical sibling donor BMT for early stages of leukemia. 2 - The results are less favourable with HLA-identical unrelated donor BMT. The best results are observed when the donor and recipient are as closely HLA-matched as possible. 3 - HLA determination by molecular biology typing is more accurate than serological typing, and should be more widely used.
Authors' recommendations: 1 - Regular assessment of the results of the various kinds of allogeneic BMT is still required. The results should be assessed on the basis of the results of molecular biology HLA typing for donor and recipient. 2 - The determination of the optimal size of the French Bone Marrow Donor Registry requires further studies, which are currently underway.
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Year Published: 1993
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Country: France
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