Cold plunges as treatment for concussions

WorkSafeBC Evidence-Based Practice Group, Martin CW
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Authors' objectives: To determine whether there is any evidence for the efficacy and/or effectiveness of cold plunges in treating patients with concussions.
Authors' results and conclusions: Cold plunging is one aspect of cold water therapy or cold water immersion, which is a practice that involves immersing oneself in cold water temperatures using water temperatures ranging from 38 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit ( One published study was identified in this search. However, upon examination on the title and abstract of this study, we excluded this study since it was not relevant to the objective of this systematic review. At present, there is no evidence to support/refute the efficacy and/or effectiveness of cold plunges to treat patients with concussions.
Authors' methods: A systematic literature search was conducted on commercial medical literature databases on May 30, 2023. The search was undertaken by employing combinations of keywords. No limitation, such as on the language and year of publication, was implemented in this search. With regard to expert and/or systematic review articles that were identified in our literature search, instead of appraising and summarizing these articles, we decided to trace and retrieve the relevant primary studies included in these review articles. These manually retrieved primary studies were then appraised and summarized when appropriate. We also manually searched the references of all the articles that we retrieved in full for further potentially relevant primary studies.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2023
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
Publication Type: Mini HTA
Country: Canada
MeSH Terms
  • Brain Concussion
  • Brain Injuries, Traumatic
  • Hyperthermia, Induced
  • Cryotherapy
  • concussion
  • mild traumatic brain injury
  • cryotherapy chamber
  • cold plunge
  • cold water immersion
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