Quality registries in dementia care: mapping of registries to improve quality and service delivery

Strohmaier C, Gassner L
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Authors' objectives: In recent years, quality registries (QRs) have been increasingly used to induce quality improvements in various areas of care - including dementia care.
Authors' results and conclusions: The report shows that identified QRs share characteristics related to the defined thematic blocks but also have health system specific characteristics. A large part of the identified QIs mainly targets the process quality of dementia care. The focus is on evidence- and/or consensus-based quality indicators rather than quantity. In addition, the composition of the QI sets depends on the state of dementia care in the respective country. The analysis of the existing QRs and the embedding in a good practice framework show that for the efficient functioning of a dementia QR, numerous and multi-layered aspects have to be taken into account at the different stages. However, in the course of developing the report, we were able to derive numerous "lessons learned" relevant for existing registry operators, health care planners, and decision-makers.
Authors' methods: Six dementia QRs from five countries were identified for analysis in this report: Australia (ADNeT), Denmark (DanDem), Ireland (NQRI), Norway (NorKog), Sweden (SveDem, BPSDR). Data were extracted on the following topics: general and methodological information of the QR, governance and management characteristics, information on data management such as data collection, minimum data set, interoperability, quality assurance or security aspects and further aspects such as consent modalities and ethical considerations. In addition, an overview of the 46 quality indicators (QIs) used was created, and a link to the underlying evidence, such as guidelines, consensus-based recommendations or (national) dementia strategies, was established. In the third step, the empirical results of the identified QIs were embedded in a good practice framework (based on the registry science literature) and good practice strategies were derived.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2022
URL for additional information: https://eprints.aihta.at/1419/
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Country: Austria
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