[COVID-19: follow-up after an acute episode]

Luxardo R, Pichon-Riviere A, Colaci C, Alfie V, Ciapponi A, Bardach A, García Martí S, Alcaraz A, Augustovski F
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Original Title: COVID-19: Seguimiento posterior al episodio agudo
Authors' recommendations: The main clinical practice guidelines, scientific society protocols and recommendations from international organizations prepared to follow up patients after an acute COVID-19 infection episode have been consulted. The guidelines and protocols analyzed, do not recommend performing routine diagnostic testing in those patients with suspected or positive COVID-19 infection without clinical-radiological evidence of pneumonia and remained asymptomatic. These guidelines and recommendations suggest a chest x-ray as baseline imaging method for post-COVID respiratory follow-up of patients who had an acute episode with clinical-radiological evidence of COVID-19-related pneumonia, regardless of persistent respiratory symptoms. The recommendation to perform pulmonary function tests to patients who experienced an acute episode with clinical-radiological evidence of COVID-19- related pneumonia, but with no respiratory symptoms is non-conclusive. In general, they recommend performing pulmonary function tests if respiratory symptoms persist. All the guidelines recommend to consider performing higher-complexity imaging tests when respiratory symptoms persist, there is symptom worsening, or suspected COVID-19 related complications. The guidelines and recommendations suggest continued care of patients with long-term effects of COVID by a multidisciplinary team. In general, they suggest performing a routine blood test and complementary tests if symptoms persist and/or if there is a suspected COVID-19 related complication. The guidelines and recommendations suggest that athlete patients (those performing high-intensity recreational physical activity, as well as those amateur or professional athletes) should undergo cardiovascular risk re-stratification before they return to physical activity. It is suggested that cardiac tests might not be necessary in those athletes who had asymptomatic COVID-19 infection. The Argentine Society of Cardiology and the Argentine Federation of Cardiology suggest a baseline assessment should be performed prior to returning to physical activity, including physical examination and electrocardiogram in those athletes who did not require hospitalization, but experienced mild symptoms, and in those who experienced more severe COVID symptoms, requiring hospitalization, but are now asymptomatic. A transthoracic color-Doppler echocardiography, cardiac biomarkers and/or stress test are suggested to rule out potential complications in case of persistent COVID-like symptoms and depending on the findings on baseline assessment.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2021
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Country: Argentina
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