Long-term physiotherapy in patients after stroke, with multiple sclerosis, or with Parkinson’s disease

Atlas A, Nicolopoulos K, Ali A, McLeod R, Vreugdenburg T
Record ID 32018001644
Authors' objectives: The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health is re-evaluating the reimbursement of long-term physiotherapy, defined as more than 36 physiotherapy sessions (4 bouts of 9 sessions each). This report aims to determine the feasibility of conducting a health technology assessment (HTA) of long-term physiotherapy in patients after stroke, with multiple sclerosis (MS), or with Parkinson’s disease (PD) based on clinical, economic, legal, social, ethical and organisational data identified during the scoping phase. The comparison of interest to the policy question is long-term physiotherapy compared to short-term physiotherapy. Supplementary comparisons between long-term physiotherapy and other comparators (i.e. placebo, sham, usual care and best possible care) were also sought.
Authors' results and conclusions: Twelve systematic reviews comparing long-term physiotherapy to any other long-term comparator were identified, of which 10 were conducted in stroke and 2 were in PD; no reviews on long-term physiotherapy for MS were identified. The searches also identified 13 social, 2 ethical and 3 organisational-related studies. Thirteen existing economic evaluations broadly matching the PICO criteria were identified; however, their applicability to the Swiss context was limited. No legal studies were identified. There is currently no available data to undertake an HTA on the effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness of long-term physiotherapy compared to short-term physiotherapy in patients after stroke, with MS or PD.
Authors' methods: A literature search was conducted in seven biomedical databases and supplemented with searches of HTA databases and specialty websites. From the 14,878 search results, no systematic reviews or randomised controlled trials were identified that investigated the policy question (i.e. long versus short-term physiotherapy).
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2021
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
Publication Type: Other
Country: Switzerland
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Organisation Name: Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
Contact Address: Federal Office of Public Health, Schwarzenburgstrasse 157, CH-3003 Berne, Switzerland
Contact Name: Stephanie Vollenweider
Contact Email: hta@bag.admin.ch
Copyright: Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
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