[CORREX® aortic valve bypass for treatment of severe aortic stenosis]

Bayón Yusta JC, López de Argumedo M
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Original Title: Implante apicoaóritico CORREX para el tratamiento de la estenosis aórtica grave
Authors' objectives: - Evaluate the efficacy, effectiveness and safety of the Correx® AVB in patients with severe aortic valve stenosis and high surgical risk, that are not suitable for aortic valve replacement surgery or trans-catheter aortic valve implantation. - Estimate the cost of the surgical procedure using the Correx® AVB.
Authors' results and conclusions: On efficacy, effectiveness and safety: Two non-randomized studies have been analyzed: one is a retrospective study about 7 patients conducted in Switzerland, and the other reports about a clinical experience of 1 patient in Canada. The conclusion is made in both studies that the Correx® AVB promotes the fast execution of the apical anastomosis required in the aortic bypass technique with a minimal loss of blood and hemodynamic stability. Cost analysis: The estimated costs for each case where the AVB procedure is performed using the Correx® AVB is €29,546.52. Conclusions: Although the results of the studies published to today's date are promising, the evidence available is not conclusive regarding the Correx® AVB due to the low number of patients in which said device has been used, and the reduced number and quality of the studies conducted (observational studies).
Authors' methods: Systematic review of the scientific literature published in English or Spanish, with no time limits. From the Health System's perspective (Osakidetza - Basque Health Department), the direct costs (of the valve derivation equipment, the surgical intervention and ICU and normal hospitalization) that the aortic valve bypass using the Correx® AVB would incur are analyzed.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2013
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
Publication Type: Rapid Review
Country: Spain
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Organisation Name: Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment
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Contact Name: Lorea Galnares-Cordero
Contact Email: lgalnares@bioef.eus
Copyright: Osteba (Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment) Health Department of the Basque Government
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