[Enhancing the quality of information on colorectal and prostate cancer in the population cancer register of the Basque Country (RCE) and bibliographical review]

Izarzugaza MI, Martínez R, Miranda E, Mokoroa O
Record ID 32018000523
Original Title: Mejora de la calidad de la información sobre el cáncer colo-rectal y de próstata en el registro de cáncer poblacional de Euskadi (RCE) y revisión bibliográfica
Authors' objectives: a) Determine whether changes should be made in the tumour extension variables in colorectal cancer. b) Check the diagnostic basis in prostate cancer.
Authors' results and conclusions: In cases of colorectal cancer, the Cancer Register of the Basque Country (RCE) includes the extension variable at the time of diagnosis and although concordance with the stage, which is more precise, is acceptable, it does not always have the same meaning in all cases. For this reason, the use of the stage, as well as the extension, is recommended as a customary variable in the RCE to better assess the situation of the disease when making the diagnosis, at least in colorectal locations. Cases of prostate cancer diagnosed without microscopic confirmation comply with the criteria for consideration as true cases. However, in the RCE, microscopic verification (cytological /histological) is considered to be the best basis for the diagnosis of prostate cancer and therefore must continue. And in cases without microscopic diagnosis and where PSA has been performed it is recommended to gather data on the quantification of the test.
Authors' methods: In those cases corresponding to the year 2003, clinical histories of colorectal cancer (for the first aim) and non confirmed anatomopathological histories of prostate cancer (for the second) were reviewed and compared with RCE data. Moreover, a bibliographical review was made of colorectal and prostate cancer.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2013
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
Publication Type: Other
Country: Spain
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