[Evaluation of care quality in the national health service towards severe childhood mental disorders. A study in infant/juvenile mental health services]

Lasa-Zulueta A, Jorquera-Cuevas C, Solana-Azurmendi B, Del Arco-Heras S
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Original Title: Evaluación de la calidad asistencial en el SNS de los trastornos mentales graves en la infancia. Estudio en salud mental infanto-juvenil
Authors' objectives: The aim of this study is to: a) gain a better understanding of the care situation towards severe mental disorders in infant/juvenile mental health services offered by the National Health Service (SNS); b) draw up a map of care resources dedicated to caring for this population with up to date information for each Autonomous Community in order to detect deficiencies, needs, resources and inequalities between such Communities; c) compare clinical practice in Spain with the indications in published guidelines and documents; d) establish care quality indicators and recommendations based on findings from clinical practice and guideline recommendations.
Authors' results and conclusions: It would be desirable to generalise the experiences that have confirmed their viability and good results as regards the specific and intensive care of these disorders by public IJMH services. The distance between clinical practice and evidence-based medicine as regards care of this type of disorder in childhood must be bridged. Professionals in this field recognise that the relatively low incidence of SMD in IJMHs requires a high concentration of resources dedicated to its diagnosis and treatment, although its increasing prevalence over the past few years represents a similarly increasing demand and pressure on public MH services, the response to which is currently fragmented and insufficient.
Authors' methods: • A literature review of available information sources and databases concerning international clinical practice guidelines, and guidelines and documents published in our care setting regarding the care of severe mental disorders in the infant population. • A qualitative-descriptive study: compilation of data from the infant/juvenile mental health services from each Autonomous Community in the SNS by way of a questionnaire aimed at physicians currently practising in those services. • A consultation and analysis of PCR (psychiatric case registry) data from these services as regards the incidence and prevalence of diagnoses in the category of severe mental disorder in the infant population.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2014
English language abstract: An English language summary is available
Publication Type: Rapid Review
Country: Spain
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