Covid-19: HSS/ Horizon Scanning Living Document (v01 April 2020) Part 1; Covid-19: HSS/ Horizon Scanning Living Document (v01 April 2020) Part 2 (Appendix)

Wild C, Wolf S, Goetz G, Walter M, McEntee J, Stanak M, Ettinger S, Strohmaier C, Erdos J
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Authors' objectives: In March 30th 2020, a request was raised by the Austrian Ministry of Health (BMASGK) and further Austrian policy stakeholder to set up a Horizon Scanning System (HSS) for medicines and vaccines. The establishment of a HSS/ Horizon Scanning System for Covid-19 interventions has the intention of a. informing health policy makers at an early stage which interventions (vaccinations and drugs) are currently undergoing clinical trials and b. monitoring them over the next few months in order to support evidence-based purchasing, if necessary.
Authors' methods: To respond to the request by BMASGK, 1. As a first step an inventory, based on international sources, is being built. 2. As a second step, selective searches by means of searches in study registries are carried out for information on clinical studies in humans and the state of research. 3. The information gathered in the first two steps forms the basis for "vignettes" (short descriptions) for those products that are already at an "advanced" stage. 4. Subsequently, the products are being monitored with regard to their status of clinical studies up to approval and are finally evaluated for their benefit and harm. All work steps are conducted in close international (European) cooperation.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2020
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Publication Type: Full HTA
Country: Austria
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Organisation Name: Austrian Institute for Health Technology Assessment
Contact Address: Garnisongasse 7/20, A-1090 Vienna, Austria
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