[Assessment of the risks associated with aesthetic mesotherapy practices]

Haute Autorité de Santé
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Authors' objectives: The aim of this work is to map out the risks associated with the use of aesthetic mesotherapy (AM) in France. The work has thus attempted to document the following types of risks: - infectious risks; - pharmacological risks; - those associated with certain psychopathological settings. The analysis took account of additional aims that put the risk mapping and mesotherapy itself into context.
Authors' recommendations: HAS believes that the published literature does not provide any positive clinical evidence. HAS thinks that the practice of AM primarily carries a risk of infection linked to the use of injections, and secondly that the injection of medicinal products or medical devices necessarily involves a risk, irrespective of the doses or volumes used. In addition, pharmacologically, the fact that the contents of the products and the methods for mixing them have not been standardised makes it difficult or even impossible to assess all the potential risks, even though some have occasionally been reported. The very large number of unknowns that still surround AM makes it impossible to provide the public with enough information to make informed choices, especially since large-scale advertising campaigns contain only positive claims. Finally, HAS points out that: - the extemporaneous preparation of mixtures of medicinal products can be done only in pharmacies and is not permitted in doctors' surgeries; - the off-label use of medicinal products is not prohibited, but is strictly regulated and requires an in-depth assessment of the risk-benefit ratio. The patient must be informed of the off-label nature of the product's use, and the doctor is responsible for that use. HAS emphasizes that the issuing of guidelines or recommendations on providing more information for patients and compliance with the rules of good practice does not in any way constitute recognition or legitimation of the practice of aesthetic mesotherapy which in any case is completely without scientific foundation.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2014
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Country: France
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