[Bioquell airborne disinfection system]

Comite dĀ“Evaluation et de Diffusion des Innovations Technologiques (CEDIT)
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Authors' objectives: Following an outbreak of Acinetobacter baumannii in the centre for treatment of burns at the Saint Louis hospital in Paris, the CEDIT and the CCLIN-Paris Nord (1) were requested by the director of the hospital group to give an opinion on a disinfection process based on vaporization of hydrogen peroxide originating from the company Bioquell. The aim of this report is to provide information for decision making regarding the use of the process.
Authors' recomendations: Compliance with the infection control guidelines regarding surface cleaning and surface disinfection is a prerequisite for effectively combating nosocomial infections (health care related infections) and the use of the Bioquell airborne disinfection procedure cannot be a substitute. As a complement to current infection control practice (surface cleaning and surface disinfection), hydrogen peroxyde may increase the level of disinfection at the Saint Louis centre for treatment of burns. Vaporization could be performed either systematically in all rooms at discharge or in a more selective manner in the rooms previously occupied by patients carrying a micro-organism known for its ability to persist in the environment and/or presenting a particular resistance profile to antibiotics. Taking into account data showing a more convincing level of evidence where the Bioquell disinfection procedure is applied selectively, the CEDIT cannot give priority to systematic disinfection of all rooms. However the CEDIT underscores that the Bioquell procedure would need to undergo further evaluation. It recommends the implementation of a study in the department for treatment of burns at the Saint-Louis hospital in order to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedure.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2015
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