Review of the scientific evidence of commercial products based on electromagnetic fields

Aymerich M, Jovell A J
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Catalan, English, Spanish
Authors' objectives:

1) To describe the possible magnetic effect that those products may have.

2) To study, from the available scientific evidence, the possible therapeutic effect of these products

Authors' results and conclusions: 1. No scientific evidence has been found about the preventive, curative or palliative effect of the commercialized products using, directly or indirectly, electromagnetic fields as active therapy. The opinion of other bioelectromagnetism and pharmacy technicians who have worked in this field, coincides with the contents of this report. 2. The highest number of references refers to the effect of metallic bracelets on blood pressure. No documentation has been found related to other direct or indirect therapy products already available nor regarding any other therapeutic effect. 3. The studies presented by the manufacturers as regards the specific therapeutic effect of the metallic bracelets in the treatment of hypertension have never been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 4. The design of these studies has low methodological quality which limits their ability to prove the efficacy of anti-hypertension bracelets. 5. The main limitation associated with the studies is the low quality of design and the confusion originated by the placebo effect. No conclusion can be reached as regards the possible therapeutic effect of metallic bracelets on hypertension. The effects of the magnetic bracelet are indistinguishable from the placebo effect.
Authors' recommendations: The commercial products based on electromagnetic fields have no therapeutic effect. The use of these products should be discouraged.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 1996
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Country: Spain
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  • Electromagnetic Fields
  • Hypertension
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