[A study on current research status of psychiatric disorders, depression and suicide in Korea: Part Ⅱ. Study on adolescent depression and suicide]

Woo JM, Kim KM, Hwang JS, Kim JM, Kim JW, Bang SY, Kim JH, Park EJ, Kim HJ
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Original Title: 국내 정신질환 관련 연구현황 파악 및 우울증 자살에 대한 연구: 2세부 : 청소년의 우울증과 자살에 대한 연구
Authors' recommendations: This study suggested a multilateral and systematic approach to adolescent depression and suicide, as well as its associated risk factors and treatment options, as a distribution map for adolescents who committed suicide by region. Comparing the rate of depression treatment (number of adolescents seeking treatment for depression/total number of adolescent population, %) to the rate of adolescent suicide, the treatment rates were found to be lower than the suicide rates in the seven states, excluding the metropolitan cities and Gyeonggi-do. In addition, macroscopic data, such as the Youth Health Online Survey and the National Health and Nutrition Survey, were analyzed and the highest risk factors for suicide attempt, suicide ideation, and depression were determined. The appropriate treatment approach showed a significant discrepancy between the recommendations given by psychiatrists and counsellors, which revealed that the development of evidence-based treatment approach, as well as information and policy changes, would be necessary for adolescents who experience suicide ideation or attempt.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2012
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Country: South Korea
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