[Colorectal-cancer-screening update; status in Austria and European countries; and quality assurance of screening-colonoscopy]

Patera N
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Authors' recommendations: The emerging evidence on effectiveness of CRC-screening allows to tentatively infer that all CRC-screening strategies might prove to have similar effect sizes on the population level when introduced into programmatic screening-practice. Quality assurance and participation rates may thus be of key importance for realizing potential net health gains from CRC-screening. Even if quality assurance is made mandatory in the context of opportunistic screening, it often may not match the stringent and comprehensive quality focus of organized screening-programs. The publication of the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Colorectal Cancer Screening and Diagnosis has the potential to encourage a dynamic towards establishing organized and quality assured CRC-screening programs. Examples of how to plan and organize quality assurance in organized population-based CRC-screening programs is available. Interesting models to learn from in an organized population-based context can for instance be found in England, in the Netherlands and in Norway. Germany and Poland offer lessons for quality assurance in organized opportunistic programs.
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Year Published: 2013
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