Optical lens fabrication systems

Adams E
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Authors' objectives:

This report aims to evaluate the Q-2100 (TM) Lens Fabrication System, as prescription eyewear production system.

Authors' recommendations: Extensive database and web searches indicate that comparative study of various in-office lens fabrication systems on cost, quality or other benefits is confined to product literature. The search results do call attention to problems within the optical industry in maintaining prescription quality. VA experience with the Q-2100 (TM) is confined to the Washington DC VAMC Optical Service since November 1999. They purchased the Q-2100TM for $38,000 and produce lenses of very high optical quality for as little as $10 to $25 per pair on average (lens materials only). Anecdotal evidence suggests that they may be able to fill a significant percentage of prescriptions in-house. Patient satisfaction with prescriptions is high, and waiting times and administrative paperwork resulting from equipment acquisition and service reorganization have been significantly reduced. The ability to now offer emergent prescription refills to inpatients is key. Across VA facilities there are differences in the structure of Optical Services and in the patients they serve. Therefore, other facilities may not experience the cost savings and other benefits associated with Q-2100 (TM) that the Washington VAMC has reported by switching to in-house production. A facility must be able to compare the total in-house costs of a pair of glasses using the Q-2100 (TM) to total contract costs to determine cost savings. Total in-house costs should include fitting, lenses, frames, FTEE required to manufacture lenses, administrative costs, dispensing and follow-up. Industry and VA experiences indicate that in addition to adhering to FDA safety regulation and existing industry standards, operator training and point-of-care quality assurance practices are essential to assuring prescription accuracy.
Authors' methods: Systematic review
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2000
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