[Implementation of quality indicators to assess the high risk of colorectal cancer clinic]

Serra-Sutton V, Barrantes C, Espallargues M
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Authors' objectives:

In 2006 the High Risk of Colorectal Cancer Clinic (HRCC) was set up in the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona consisting in a new organizational model/program for the prevention of colorectal cancer (CRC) in high risk population. The main activities of this program focus on: a) identifying individuals and/or patients with an increased risk of developing CRC; b) establishing the CRC risk based on personal and hereditary risk factors, c) propose the most adequate strategies of screening and/or surveillance, d) offering genetic counseling and testing in the hereditary types of CRC and also psychological support for shared decision-making of users and clinicians and e) define other preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. A conceptual model and indicators were developed in a previous study based on an evaluative approach (structure, process and outcome), domains of quality of care and activities of the HRCC. The aim of this study was to implement a set of indicators to assess quality of care at baseline and external level of this new organizational model.

Authors' recommendations: This study has evaluated the quality of care of the HRCC, carried out by the Agency of Health Information, Assessment and Quality. This is one of the first initiatives in Catalonia and the Spanish National Health System in general, to externally evaluate the quality of healthcare of a preventive program of CRC in high risk population. The indicators have shown their usefulness, feasibility and validity to identify areas for improvement of this new organizational model, such as information systems, continuity of care and communication among professionals in the program. The fact there are no published quality standards for each indicator, makes the study an innovative assessment, but means that further evaluation is necessary in a time in the HRCC or the implementation of these indicators in other programs or centers to facilitate the interpretation of results of the indicators and standards of quality.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2011
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Country: Spain
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  • Quality Indicators, Health Care
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