Speech and language therapy for children of preschool age: a review of the clinical-effectiveness and quality of life

Ho C, Cunningham J
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Authors' recomendations: Limited data suggested favorable outcomes of speech and language therapy in preschool-aged children. The studies identified reported that speech and language outcomes significantly improved following intervention programs. The randomized controlled trials included less than 100 patients. Short-term outcomes based on various instruments and measures were reported and therefore interventions could not be compared directly. In addition, the patient populations included in the studies varied and generalizablity of the studies findings is limited. The optimal frequency of therapy sessions is also unknown. Despite results from a cost-effectiveness analysis that showed parent-based intervention for children with expressive language delay could potentially save costs for the health care providers as compared to current practice in a health care setting,10 more studies on long-term outcomes and quality of life are needed. The limited information and variability of tools and populations included in the studies should be considered when making decisions about speech and language therapy for preschool children.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2009
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Country: Canada
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