Melacine vaccine

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Authors' objectives: This report aims to summarise the available evidence on the use of melacine vaccine in the treatment of late stage melanoma.
Authors' recomendations: Current therapy for melanoma includes surgery and observation follow-up for primary skin tumors. Certain chemotherapy drugs and alpha interferon therapy have been approved for treatment of melanoma. A strong thrust of current research is boosting the body's defence system to fight the cancer more effectively itself. This is done through the administration of a vaccine to prime the bodys immune cells against markers common on the melanoma cells. Melacine vaccine consists of lysed cells from two human melanoma cell lines combined with an adjuvant to help activate the human immune system in the context of the vaccination. It is administered as a two-shot vaccination once a week for five weeks, with a two week break, and then a repeat of the weekly vaccinations for five weeks. Canadian approval was granted for Melacine, a melanoma vaccine for treatment of late-stage melanoma, currently in U.S. Phase III testing in two different diseases. This approval was based upon Phase III results demonstrating superior quality of life during active therapy for late-stage disseminated disease melanoma as compared to a four-drug chemotherapy control. Regression of the tumour has been shown in 10% of cases, and long-term stabilization of disease in 10-20% of patients.
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Year Published: 2000
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Country: Canada
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