[Assessment of the quality of the registration of administrative variables of the minimum basic data set of short-term hospitals of Osakidetza-Basque Health Service in 2005]

Yetano J, Izarzugaza I, Aldasoro E, Ugarte T, Lopez-Arbeloa G, Agirre U
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Original Title: Evaluación de la calidad del registro de las variables administrativas del Conjunto Mínimo Básico de Datos de los hospitales de agudos de Osakidetza-Servicio vasco de salud en el año 2005
Authors' objectives: The aim of this study is to measure the quality of the registration of the Minimum Basic Data Set (MBDS) administrative variables in 11 short-term hospitals of Osakidetza/Basque Health Service in 2005.
Authors' results and conclusions: 100% of the discharge episodes selected for the study were made available. The data found in the MBDS provided by Osakidetza show that all the variables dealt with in this study were completed in 100% of these 768 records except, as is logical, the Date of the first operation which was completed in only 400 records (52.1%). Likewise, completion of the 9 variables in the CH was lower, but in 8 out of the 9 variables it was over 99%. For each hospital, the data on variables in the MBDS and in the CH are described and the level of coincidence between both is shown. The concordance is analysed.
Authors' recommendations: 1. The completion rate of administrative variables in the MBDS is very high in Osakidetza/Basque health service hospitals (100% if the first operation date variable is excluded). 2. Accessibility to CH is good. 3. Access to administrative variables in CH is very high (between 99.3 and 100%) if the Date of the first operation is excluded. 4. There is high quality (% coincidence MBDS-CH > than 96%) in the recording of 6 variables: Sex (99.3%), Birth date (98.7%), Admission date (99.2%), Discharge date (97.5%), Type of admission (96.7%) and Medical service responsible (97.8%). 5. There is deficient quality (% of coincidence MBDS-CH < than 91%) in the record of the Date of the first operation (89.2%), Circumstances of the discharge (90.8%) and Doctor responsible (75.1%). 6. Within the Circumstances of discharge variable, the Death category as well as the sum of the remaining items (which mean that the patient is alive) show 100% MBDS-CH coincidence. For this reason, it is possible to state that the reliability of the intrahospital mortality indicator is high. 7. The quality of the Circumstances of discharge variable is low if the Death item and the remaining categories (in other words, that the patient is alive) are excluded. The data show that if the patient is alive, transfers are poorly recorded. There are hospitals that record transfers to a medium-long stay hospital as a transfer to a short-term hospital. 8. The Doctor responsible variable is gathered with poor quality (especially in five hospitals with a MBDS-HC coincidence of under 57).
Authors' methods: This is a descriptive study of a retrospective nature carried out through a review of the clinical histories (CH) of Osakidetza/Basque health service hospitals. With the data obtained from the CH, the level of agreement with MBDS data was established as well as interhospital variability in the different variables. The study was made on the MBDS of discharges in 2005 of the 11 short-term hospitals of Osakidetza/Basque health service (213,091 records). The 11 hospitals are Txagorritxu and Santiago in Alava, Donostia, Zumárraga, Bidasoa, Mendaro and Alto Deba in Guipúzcoa and Cruces, GaldakaoUsánsolo, Basurto and San Eloy in Bizkaia. The 9 administrative variables to be measured are as follows: Sex, Date of birth, Data of admission, Date of discharge, Date of the first operation, Type of admission, Circumstances of the discharge, Medical service responsible and Doctor responsible.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2008
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Country: Spain
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