Implantable contraceptives (subdermal implants and hormonally impregnated intrauterine systems) versus other forms of reversible contraceptives: two systematic reviews to assess relative effectiveness, acceptability, tolerability and cost-effectiveness

French R S, Procter T, Cowan F M, Hughes D, Mansour D J A, Robinson A, Morris S, Guillebaud J
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Authors' objectives:

The aims of this study are: - To assess the contraceptive efficacy, tolerability and acceptability of subdermal implants and IUSs in comparison with other reversible contraceptive methods. - To use these data to determine the relative cost-effectiveness.

Authors' recomendations: There was insufficient evidence from the comparative studies included in these systematic reviews to suggest that one type of subdermal implant was any more or less effective in preventing pregnancy than another, that implants were any more or less effective than the other methods with which they were compared, or that the LNG-20 IUS was any more or less effective than IUDs > 250 mm3. LNG-20 IUS users were significantly less likely to experience either intrauterine or extrauterine pregnancies than were IUD <3 users. Women using the LNG-20 IUS were more likely to experience amenorrhoea, and this event was a notable reason for discontinuation of IUSs.
Authors' methods: Systematic review
Project Status: Completed
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Year Published: 2000
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Country: England, United Kingdom
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