[Follow-Up for gynecological cancer]

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Authors' objectives:

Investigating whether follow-up for patients with cancer influences their rehabilitation would be important. This health technology assessment focused on the key clinical content of the follow-up, since assessing rehabilitation is too complex and comprehensive to include given the limited resources and tight time schedule of the project. A separate working group under the auspices of the National Board of Health will cover the rehabilitation of patients with cancer.

Authors' recommendations: The systematic review of the literature does not document that follow-up enhances the probability of surviving the disease. The report notes that scientific literature is insufficient in addressing the follow-up of endometrial and ovarian cancer, and the quality-of-life studies are not unequivocal. Many women perceive that follow-up gives a sense of security, but they also experience nervousness before every consultation. The analysis points out the opportunity for organizing more differentiated follow-up, adjusted to the individual's risk for relapse and the individual's need for security. Based on the results of this report, it is appropriate to question whether follow-up has become a natural extension of treatment, ie, part of the course of cancer that has become a traditional and established part of the treatment culture in Denmark. However, this does not change the viewpoint that follow-up is an intervention, and that healthcare interventions must be evidence based to be justified (even though follow-up is used to identify suitable patients for scientific studies). In a system with limited resources, debate on priorities is a positive sign.
Project Status: Completed
Year Published: 2009
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Country: Denmark
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